The Beathunters

it's hard to keep up with a favorite links section as new amazing ones get discovered, sent, recommended every day! anyway, here's a selection of classics which will then provide their own awesome selections...

FLIPFLOPFLYIN'POPS  :   home of the minipops and so much more...
so creative and poetic it hurts!
OTTO SEIBOLD : the first and only one for me! as self-described in Mr.Lunch:
"he gets up around noon, which makes him some kind of artist but he works on computers, which makes him some kind of an engineer too.
COSTUME3PIECES : my very talented family
MAGAZINE.FR : they say when you love, you're always 20.
RICHARD MAY : google says cutting edge illustration, i'd say genius.
KCRW : best Los Angeles soundtrack.
GET YOUR BOOTLEG ON : great sounds, great people great community.
NEVERHEARDIT : now you will! homemade sounds xtravaganza